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The focus of ICWFD’s unique initiative is to equip millions of people globally with job skills.


To empower and nurture minds through excellence in delivery of high quality education and training.


We have enabled more than 3 million people with the skills to get a job and become self-sustainable.


We work with the best content developers in the world to provide the tools, mentoring and online training to liberate disadvantaged people across the world.
IT is no longer confined to being just a career, it is now part of every career like banking, manufacturing, business research, marketing, medicine, consulting business analytics, hospitality, insurance and many more fields. Eskills360 guarantees that you are always equipped with just the right IT–know how that will let you change your career path significantly. We support mission critical skills like app development to C, Java, ROR and a lot more. See our library for more details.


Whether you want to improve your performance in Sales, Leadership, Interpersonal Skills, Communications, Presentations or Customer Service you’ll find a resource here that perfectly matches your learning style preference. Choose from time-spaced courses, or web or mobile delivered programs – whatever suits the way you learn best. From communication to negotiation to leadership and more. Hundreds of courses qualify for CPE and college credit in the US.


Our content provider offers more than 100 professional IT and business certifications and learning from leading software, hardware, networking, web service companies and professional organizations. Standardized course materials, reference books, practice exams and other multimodal IT training courses and related resources support IT professionals interested in certification and professional development through every stage of the IT and professional development learning curve.

The ICWFD provides access to over 3000 state-of-the-art and certification-level Information Technology, Business and Desktop Skills courses FOR FREE to the end-users through sponsorships by individuals, companies, foundations, and government. The ICWFD’s “E-Skills360” e-learning platform equips girls and boys, women and men with 21st century employability skills so that they are ready to compete in the global economy. The resulting well-trained individuals attract multi-national and local corporate investment into the local economy by providing a talented workforce base from which companies can hire skilled employees. ICWFD is a California-based non-profit public charity organization.

ICWFD’s e-Skills360° program is endorsed as a United Nations GAID Flagship Partnership Initiative. The United Nations Global Alliance for ICT and Development (UN GAID) has designated ICWFD’s e-Skills360° program, which provides access to 21st Century employability skills, as a Flagship Partnership Initiative of the UN GAID. The UN GAID selectively awards Flagship Partnership Initiative status to valuable, innovative initiatives that promote achievement of the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in education, entrepreneurship, health, environmental protection, and citizen engagement in government. The UN GAID is an inclusive global forum on the use of ICT for development that engages leaders in government, civil society, business, foundations, global development, and local communities toward the shared objectives of the MDGs. Designation as a Flagship Partnership Initiative is an important recognition of both the ICWFD’s added value, and of its accomplishments. The e-Skills360° platform is thus recognized as a valuable tool for matching existing learning needs with learning resources, which uses ICT to unlock and maximize people's learning opportunities for improvement of their living conditions, reduce poverty, and stimulate self-sufficiency.

Problems & Challenges in developing countries

  • Developing Country’s most pervasive economic and social challenge – the increasing numbers of young people who are having difficulty entering the workforce and establishing themselves in sustainable careers.
  • Unemployment is persistently high yet organizations are reporting difficulty filling key positions. So the immediate problem for employers is not the number of potential candidates, but a talent mismatch
  • Many employers are skeptical about young people’s abilities to apply the skills they learn in schools to the practical challenges of the workplace
  • Young people also lack specific “21st century workplace skills such as cooperation, communication, critical thinking, creativity, and a focus on the needs of the enterprise.
  • Plus lack of expert instructors, redundant teaching methods, no way to authenticate teacher training or qualification, lack of accurate monitoring of learning achievements, high cost and a lot more similar issues are churning out “underprepared degree holders” without the relevant job skills as dictated by needs of the labor market.



    ICWFD's innovation addresses all the challenges to capacity building on a mass scale.
    Brandable scratch cards providing the highest ROI on CSR initiatives.


    ICWFD partners with Skillsoft USA the world’s leading e-learning content provider to offer over 3000 high-end employability skills in business, IT and Desktop.


    The same courses costing hundreds of dollars are sponsored and given free to the underpriviliged in the G77 developing countries.


    Unique mechanism where instead of a credit card the courses can now be accessed from anywhere via a PIN (Personal ID) that can be printed on product packaging, emailed, sent via SMS.


    A joint advocacy or CSR program by a number of organizations and people through social media raises the awareness of e-learning as a viable alternative to learning exponentialy.


    Simultaneous access to millions of students is possible through the unique access and dessiminaton method (PIN). Over 3 million trained since 2001.

UNEMPLOYABILITY . . . a bigger problem than UNEMPLOYMENT